Have a Funky Christmas with Fanateek One’s Cool City Nights LP



Hello my friends, first christmas time for Cool City Nights Modern Funk album!!!
As I wanted to share it with the world of music lovers, I decided to make a special offer for only Xmas time !
I talked  with my marketing manager, Timothy, 8 years old. He told me 2 things. The first one is that he wanted to be a pilot in the future and the second one was “everybody should have a copy of Cool City Nights, even santa claus, you should make some Xmas discount, you, son of the beef”.  So that what we make right now 🙂

Special price for the few last copies of Cool City Nights copies I still have !!!   Cool City Nights LP + Digital download + a fantastic A2 poster for only 15 euros (+shipping) (previous price was 20 euros)

To get your copy of the album go there!

Don’t miss this fantastic offer ( you will make timothy and one member of your family happy)

Have a very nice christmas my friends.

warm regards,

Fanateek One