Fanateek One with Rach B. – Cool City Nights first Modern Funk LP, now through crowdfunding

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After many years collecting funk records and some of them making his own tracks, Fanateek One takes the plunge and launches his first LP, featuring the funkiest singer of United-Kingdom, Rach B. The Album will be released through crowdfunding at The crowdfunding has already started  and in only 5 days raised 2150€ ! Contributions were received from France, Spain, Japan, German, Switzerland and US too.

Halfway between funk80’s pop music and modern soul with a little something of boogie, Cool City Nights is composed of 8 songs. Thanks to its pop sounds and its easy-listening side, the album aims to a relatively broad audience.

“I wanted to bring 80’s funk & pop music and old school boogie to the 21st century. That’s what some people call Modern funk, and it fits really well :).”

Here is a short demo of the upcoming album, so you can decide if you want to support the project.



Several bundles are available for generous contributors who wish to help raise money to produce the album. Of course, the bigger the contribution the bigger the feedback, our grattitude will be the same wether you give 1 or 50€ : infinite! And if you wish to support the project but cannot donate, there are other ways to participate, sharing for example. Likes, emails, tweets, Whatsapp, visibily is also support ;).


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 What are the fund for?

Nothing crazy, only well used money. The album is already recorded, only the mix in a professional studio, mastering and records pressing are left to do. Plus some really funky goodies to please everyone!

About Audio Mastering:

The purpose of audio mastering is the search for optimal sound, using various audio treatments to improve sound result. This process ensures excellent recording quality for a comfortable listening on any type of material; Mp3, Radio cassette, Turntable, expensive hifi systems as a little $5 radio.

Oui mais pourquoi des vinyles, les CD c’est moins cher ?

Pure passion. Fanateek One collected records half his life now and it’s a format he particularly cherishes.

The album’s main goal is to mix 80’s sounds and bring them to our time, vinyl record seems to be the perfect format for this. Besides, Fanateek One does not dream of being rich and famous, hesimply wants to accomplish his passion, releasing his own vinyl record is his dream coming true.

détails du financement

Thank you so much 🙂

 About the project owner


Fanateek One is a french/spanish  Modern-Funk / 80’s synth-pop producer based in Madrid, Spain. Born in 1985 in Grenoble, France, he grows up between France and Spain surrounded by his loving parents and his 3 older sisters. His multicultural background makes him an open-minded and curious person, with an insatiable hunger for learning new things and discover what the world has to offer.

He is about 15 when he discovers the world of funk vinyls collectors and starts his own collection, with a strong preference for japanese and UK records. In 2007, he buys his first midi keyboard and makes his debuts with covers of his idols’ musics. He soon starts to produce personal tracks and upgrade his material as he gains experience, setting up a real studio in his own home.

And because it’s good to know to whom you are giving the money for your morning coffee, your friday night out or your brand new DeLorean (let’s be optimistic!…) 3 fun facts about Fanateek One:

  • He’s not only fanatic about music but about clothes too (but raised funds won’t be used to buy new sneakers).
  • He can also work 18h in a row or sleep just as many hours (impressing really!)
  • He likes to sing in an invented language (and that’s also the way he makes new songs)

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